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How to get the pain to stop?

My first question!

Hello, I am 14, I was cyber bullied recently. It was by a group of people older than me, I already blocked them. I did not reply to their death treats or hate towards me, I just blocked them. BUT THEIR WORDS, they're haunting me. Remember, actual bullying or cyber bully, words can always hurt.

Plus, don't tell me to to 'just get over it and be happy', if that is your answer, you obviously don't feel my pain or haven't battled pain. I understand they're just words, but I am kind of a weak person, I am, emotionally vulnerable. Again, being cyber bullied hurts, especially if they do it for no reason. The pain is haunting me, the last time I got cyber bullied was a few hours ago and it is already affecting my family, they are wondering why I skipped dinner. I do not have an eating disorder. I didn't feel like eating because I couldn't stop thinking about it. It hurts.

I do not know the cyber bullies personally, if that matters.

All I want is a way to make the pain to stop, and make me stop thinking about it.

Fyi, I don't wanna talk to an adult, counselor, or parent; I just want a way to make myself stop thinking about it, by myself.

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    if you are weak hearted person ( no offense ) then try to evade the source that makes you suffer next time. to remove the pain if you are already being cyber bullied then just get over it and be happy, just stop thinking about it. you can try do your hobbies to help you forget.

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