victim of a very large money fraud and some outright theft by a flat-mate. @@ 4 investigator/s?


I shared a flat with another girl for about 6 months. she seemed a normnal 30 yo, but turned out to suffer very severe mental you know what and a inexpensive but fullt-time drug dependancy. I am saying this vbecause she probably did not steal my money to pay for her weed - her boyfriend is a drug dealer and gives her some every couple of days for free - but she is very crazy because of ehr pot addictions, it's a 14 hour a day thing with her.

anyway, she was stupid enough to start stealing my money and about a month after i moved out i noticed something but did not believe it at first. she obtained sheckbooks and eftpos cards to several of my bank accounts my imitating me over the phone/internet, and spent all the money in accounts. she even called oxfam and claimed that she is my daughter and some indian saint who helps little orphans in india, they sent her their checkbook which she gave to some prostitute from adelaide, and the prostitute spent it all in matter of days, now i look bad because oxfam people keep asking me when my daughter Rachel Wong will return millions of dollars she fraudulently obtained.

flat-mates rellies hired her somewhere two professional psychics to help find my bank accounts, their bsb numbers, lucky days on which to approach banks (because she does not have my id) and other personal information. they even made friends with directors with 2 banks in which i ownder 40% or some dumb shares and convinced son of one of directors to sell her 40% + of shares in one of major national banks for 1 cent, the whole lot for one cent, instead of even $20 a share.

her relatives also got her a mental-health lawyer and claim she had schiz since she was 18. she was getting disability as a mantally icapable since her 18's, but it might be just pot. because hse she does not smoke she does not appear unwell at all. my shrink who looked at her said she is very well and sane, almost as logical and methodical as a sociopath, and might well be one. but not unwell at all, iut's just pot's effect on her whenever she is smoking, njot permanent insanity.

she also signed over my shares in several places, like a car-manufacturer in

USA and a lot of stuff like that. now she is asking me to take her on a vacation to India to meet prime-minister and if i do not pay for the trip she says she will terminate my pregnancy somehow.

it might be a well-organised thing by a while bunch of people including maybe even local members of parliament from the state where she lives. she also has a lot of boyfriends from one one and same mob.

she mentioned that if it goes well she will simply give a share to aussie primo, and will get away with it scott-free. but, she might be over-estimating her influence over australian government.

if you are interested and are a either private investigator or anti-accounting fraud specialist please let me know. i am n ot worried about losing money so much, but Helen is thinking, it seems, of killing me to cover up and getting money back from her is jhust another wayfor me to put her in her place.

it will also protect my kids, because she keeps giving my sibling's parents' house aaddress to some women who own body-guards, take semi-automatic guns when they go shopping in town, and sell children into child porn movies. it was a huge coincidence and took a lot of luck to prevent one of my younger siblings from being murdered by that ilk last time, so yeah i am worried if i do not slap her on the face back, Helen will do things much worse than stealing my money.

if you are interested in my case please let me know. And of course i will try and pay my bill straight away. I am usually very punctual, and pay all bills within terms of trade.,

my mum's mobile phone number is +61430 622 434 , she got my australian cellular number.

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  • Tom V
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    You need to cancel my subscription, because I don't need your issues.

    That aside, do you not have police where you live? It sounds like fraud was committed.

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