Why am I so nice/helpful? Why do people take advantage of what's Infront of them? HELP!?

I've been very helpful to this boy & he went off on me telling me, he doesn't want help, he has no sympathy for anybody, he's very depressed he draws pictures of people being hung, he cuts himself but then again he has so much to offer to himself & his community. I'm not trying to change him, I just feel bad, I told him there's reasons why he feels the way he feels & I'm here to help him. Sometimes you can't trust anybody but I'm someone you can definitely trust, I'm someone with alot of morals. I just want to see him change his life with a little bit of help, just a little bit of effort he needs to put in to be a better person. I just don't get why I'm so helpful, sweet & nice & people wanna just disrespect me, or be very rude. Why is that? I did tell him that wasn't appropriate & that before he messes up his life, he should take my help. He should because there's people who would not care. What should I do to help him next? What should be my next step? Should I remain his friend?

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    8 years ago
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    You have good intentions, and you want to be trusted, but right now he can't see that. Maybe he doesn't trust anyone, or maybe he doesn't feel as though he's close enough to you to accept that type of help. If you know about his problem with cutting, he is either flaunting it to a whole bunch of people, or he let you in his life enough to know that he does have a problem. Either way, I think that you should let someone know about what's going on. It's not going to make you a narc or a tattle tale, it could save a life. Even if he doesn't want your help, that is extremely destructive behavior that shouldn't be pushed aside and kept as a secret; self-harming is self-harming. I know people out there will tell you not to say anything because it isn't your business, but if you care enough to want to help him at all, it becomes your business. Sure, if he finds out you told someone, he could be mad. But once he heals and gets the help that he needs and feels better, you'll be the first person that he'll thank. It's the right thing to do, so I think you should think about it. I don't think he's outright trying to be rude to you, I just think he's afraid of letting someone in because of whatever he's going through. He's afraid that he's going to tell the wrong person, he's afraid of changing. If you two are friends and he is acting this way, get him help like I said before. What if one day he would hurt himself and something bad would happen to him, like he cut too deep? Wouldn't you feel terrible that you could have maybe stopped him but instead you didn't tell anyone? Don't do that to yourself and don't set yourself up for that type of guilt. Friends help friends even when it is unwanted, do the right thing here.

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    He obviously doesn't want help. A lot of depressed people are like that. I've seen my share of them and they never want help. He has issues he needs to work on or see a professional about. He's someone who needs to be treated for his depression issues. Not everyone can be the happiest people in the world. Sometimes it just doesn't work out and they could never be happy. Other times it could and they'll be happy their whole lives. Helping people isn't wrong. Its a good quality many people don't have. Helping too much can lead to things you wouldn't want to hear like how he disrespected you and said he didn't went your help. If he doesn't want your help, leave him be. If he wants to suffer then that's his choice. You can't stop that. He'll regret it afterwards. Just leave it be and break the friendship.

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    People just take advantage of other people. I don't know why. I guess it is in our DNA.

    As towards you friend, I think you really should remain his friend. Despite that he doesn't want your help or anything. Also, (I don't know how old you guys are) you should try to tell someone about his cutting. A teacher, your parent/s,his parent/s, another friend, principal, stranger, doctor, anyone, anything.

    He really needs help and for someone to be there for him.

    Hope that I could help.

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