Worried!! Please answer!?

so my dr noticed my blood pressure was getting high on tuesday and i had been having headaches so he thought maybe preeclampsia. my urine protein was high but not too much so he said not to worry and just keep an eye on my blood pressure and if my headache got worse to call and let them know. well i have had a headache all day and dizziness so i called the after hours and they said come in so i did. while i was there it said my blood pressure was 153/94 and my dr didnt want me getting over 140/90 cus im usually 110/60. well they sent me home and said it looked fine didnt get a urine sample or anything. shouldnt they of done more?? i really dont like my dr or hospital. i really want to switch but i feel like its too late. have u had high blood pressure and been fine? i also have gestational diabetes so im being induced in 10 days if that means anything. Its been a couple hours since then and my head still hurts!

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you don't trust your doc, you should change. Since you still have a headache and your bp was high, you may want to go to the hospital. If your insurance plan has a nurse to call, use that number and tell her this story so she can authorize an ER visit.

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