motorcycle crash and ticket?

I was riding my brothers motorcycle a 500cc with my permet or anything with my friend on the back and I wreaked I did not hit any other cars but the cops came and I got a ticket and I have a court date next month this is my first ticket and I'm 16 how much will the ticket be? And I live in Missouri the ticket was for Oper Motorcycle When Driver's License Not Validated For Such - 1st Or 2nd Offense how much do you thank the ticket will be?

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  • Poppy
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    8 years ago
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    You were driving without a valid license, your driving privileges will be suspended. You will have to fix the bike, brothers insurance will not cover(no license). Ticket cost will be in excess of 200, plus reinstatement fees.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you have a good to pay, a intense one. you will would desire to repair brothers motorbike his insurance won't conceal unlicensed drivers. You driving privileges will better than in all probability be suspended, probably till 18. i'm hoping the relaxing you had grew to become into well worth it.

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