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Does he like me even though he's dating another?

I'm in middle school and I just need to know, does this guy like me?

He is one of best friends and he's like a player, hot tempered, trouble maker, and high maintenance (im actually same with with that, but whatever), but he is very funny and knows how to cheer up a girl, well he's a player so it makes sense.

It's kinda weird for me to be friends with a player cause I hate guys like that and are usually conceited asses. Anyway straight to the point, he one time asked me out, but turned out to be a dare and didn't seem to like me more than a friend. After that incident, I started to notice I liked him, I actually liked him before that, but noticed I liked him after his dare of asking me out.

Well I don't like him anymore now, but my friends are always asking me if we're dating, he likes me, or I like him, does this mean that he may be showing signs he likes me, but I just don't notice. I can never really tell when he likes a girl. He always ask for hugs and one time even wore my sweatshirt for fun for a day (it was a baggy sweatshirt), but he pretty much does this with all girls and sometimes even says "I love you (as a friend)" and act like a weirdo. Like I said he's a player so he does this with all girls that's why I can't tell if he likes anyone. He seems to act a little different with me, but he has a gf so maybe were just being closer friends, but one of my guy friends said that "It could be that he likes you, but doesn't notice it or he's starting to like you and will break up with his gf soon.". Either way, I don't like him more than a friend anymore, i'm just curious. Does he like me?

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    Most guys want to be with more than one girl. And if your willing to lower your worth and share a guy with another girl go for it.

    Look, your not worth sloppy seconds, if he wants a hug remind him he is in a relationship and that his girlfriend won't like it. He's probably gonna respond with a casual "oh she won't mind" and tell him you do mind.

    Yes, he does like you, but be prepared to share

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