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Period 18 days late. 3 negative tests! Are they accurate?

My period is 17 days late. I took a test on April 2nd and it was negative. I took another test yesterday and it was also negative. My last period was on February 18 and it ended on February 25. I was supposed to get my period (according to the period tracker app) on March 25th but it never came. So now, 17 days later its still not here. I have an irregular period but I have never been this late before. I have "phantom cramps" and feel like its on the verge of coming but no sore breasts like I usually have. My boyfriend and I had sex on march 2nd unprotected but he most likely didn't *** inside me. We also had sex last week but used a condom.

I really want to finish my Masters before I have a baby so this is really making me freak out. Please give me some piece of mind and explain whats going on.

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    I highly doubt they are wrong. 9 times out of 10 they are right. Go get a blood test done. Freaking out can make your period late.

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