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Why is suicide wrong? Why should I live if I'm suffering?

Basically I have had the worst things happen to me in life. No one truly loves me,I feel worthless every day and I see other people having so much while I always stay behind. I'm not very good academically and it's hard for me to succeed,none of my friends are true friends. My parents don't care or love me at all. I'm an 18 year old and I feel life is just useless bullshit and I want to die because I can't find a purpose in life. I never get ahead and I'm not that well off financially. Why should I live if I have no special skill or talent to offer the world? The world doesn't want me so why I should I want to be in the world?


I feel restricted and repressed all the time. I feel like I've been born into "hell". I see this world as hell.

Update 2:

and I try to succeed and I try to succeed but I feel inferior. Why does my life ******* suck? Why could I not be someone else,why did I have to be me. **** me! **** this world!

Update 3:

Can you give me a reason why life is worthwhile? Because I'm getting tired of this **** called life.

Update 4:

I can't succeed in the capitalist world. What's the point of life if I'm gonna remain a loser forever?

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    Well hello fellow 18 year old let me tell you about the wonderful concept on not givin a shi- no but seriously. If people aren't going to make you feel special, you don't need to surround yourself with them. There's a study of sociology that even mentions at a certain stage we want to surround ourselves with meaningful relationships, your's just came at a bad time which is contributing to depression.

    It's not a crime to want to feel appreciated and apparently some part of you knows doing suicide is bad or else you wouldn't have told the internet. Trust me there are plenty of other teens going through what you're going through. And it's okay if your not good academic there is always tutors to help, and a counselor to listen.


    Hey Pola, are you just venting? You come off either angry or sad maybe frustrated? I can't identify with emotions very well... but I've got an open ear anytime you want to talk. Unless you find just several comments on yahoo enough then I hope this is helping you calm down. But don't forget we have our whole lives have of ourselves, its always possible to succeed in a capitalist world. And although you can't see the light right now doesn't mean there isnt one.

    Is there someone you're crushing on? Has there always been something you wanted to do? Like go on a coaster? travel to disney? Maybe play hookie for a day?

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    There is so much you haven't come to know about the world but most importantly about yourself. Whilst I support euthanasia, that is for people without hope. Your only 18 years old and from what I know your healthy. You can find love, you can find a purpose in life. Don't ever believe you have nothing to offer the world, believe in yourself and who you are. Nobody has seen what you have seen or experienced what you have experienced. You hurt because you know something isn't right about what you've been told about how to interpret life and the world. If the paradigm doesn't fit, change it. Everyone is in pain, The popular ones. The guys that pick on you. Everyone. They need you more than they know. What you have experienced is real, it's an aspect of society as it is now. So you weren't led by the hand as a child into some niche talent, those people will always be there because any child can be trained to follow a tradition. Expand your vision, listen to others experiences, views and perspectives, use their talents and position. Let others support you (school, university, government, job offers, whatever), use what they have to offer you but never lose yourself to them. Then take the opportunity to abandon social roles, and offer the world a new perspective about truth and meaning. Don't try to succeed at another's game, stay on top if they let you but with your own game.

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    I am going to say something that is likely to make you butt hurt: MAN THE F*CK UP. As Jason Ellis, the ex professional skateboarder from Australia and now radio talk host, would say. Look him up or start listening to The Ellis Show in Serius radio. You will soon realize what I mean. That man has been through a lot worse than you have. He was beat by his father, raped when he was only a young child, and then got himself into a handful of problems as an adult. You wouldn't think somebody who has been through all of that could make something out of himself, but look at him now. He is living up the lifestyles of the rich and famous. That is why you don't give up. I am not saying you are going to be rich, or famous, but one day you will be happy. It takes willpower and internal strength. Nobody else can make you happy except for yourself. Stop praying on a God that may not exist or wishing on those shooting stars; if you want something, go for it. Things do not just happen on their own unless you are goddamn lucky.

    Also, to answer your question, suicide is wrong because it does not affect one person. If you kill yourself, you will hurt your family, friends, and co-workers. Everybody who has ever known you will remember the person you once were and feel guilt for not noticing the signs earlier. Yeah, you may get to run from your own problems, but you will only be adding on a ton of new ones to the people in your life. I suppose if you have no family, no friends, no job, nothing, then it is okay to kill yourself. Even then, though, living a life like that is not permanent. It is possible to find a family, friends, a job, anything you want. You just gotta work at it.

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    If your suffering, would you rather chose to live? Would you rather live the best life you've ever experienced? That's the choice you have. Decide to complain about how terrible life is, or decide to make everyday a chance to grow, learn, and have fun. Do you have limbs? Some people don't. Do you have eyes? Some people were born blind. Can you hear well? Some people can't hear at all. Be grateful for all of these blessing the creator gave you. Explore new things. Do you like to help people? Maybe you can be a consultant. Do you like to play with math? Maybe you should study accounting.

    Do you like exercising? Maybe you can be a personal trainer for someone to be a better, healthier person.

    I recommend that you go to this inspirational website that regularly posts bios about amazing people, some extraordinary advice and motivation.

    Here it is, a bio of Nick Vujicic, a man with ZERO limbs:

    Source(s): Experience
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    were the same . actually im planning to jump today at my appartment window. because i lose my class card , i broke my dad's care and my mom leave me. i have nothing right now. but right now im reading your question. i feel kinda weird, like im not the only one as i thought i am. :) you know what if i will give a chance to know you better i will take it. im 18 just like you . and has a situation just like you too. i guest we better know each other and both commit suicide together. LOL im kidding, :) just be cool friend and live your life to the fullest,

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    PLEASE! I know you may or may not be religious, but I just want you to know that there is a God who loves you through thick and thin, no matter what you do he will always, ALWAYS love you. Jesus didn't hang around the people who thought they had it all together, he hung around the people who need help. NOTHING you can do can shake off his love. Please, give it some more time because I promise you things will get better. Stay strong my friend, and as Winston Churchill said, never, Never, NEVER GIVE UP!

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    Suicides mostly wrong because no 1 life can be replaced and it's terrible to take that from yourself. Just give yourself time before you hurt yourself things just might get better.

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    You have to prove everybody wrong. Trust me...everyone will miss you...please don't commit suicide! I love you because in case you didn't realize, posting this is brave and you are brave and that makes you special.

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    You sound like a drama queen dude... But before you look past my comment please listen... All of the things you say , you may think its all true , but it's not , you are just as important as everyone else and there is nothing wrong with you , you are just being hard on yourself

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