Should I be mad at my best friend for this?

A few weeks ago me and my best friend, Jordyn, were walking in the park. Her ex lives right beside of it, and we saw his girlfriend, Jewel there. She texted him right after we saw her, and said we was walking to his house. Jordyn said she was going to say something to Jewel the next day and she never did. It's been about 2 weeks since all that happened. Well, she told this girl Brittany that has a big mouth and so she asked me today if she has said anything to Jewel and I said no and she laughed and was like I didn't think so, she was pretty much saying Jordyn was all talk. Well, I told Jordyn about it and she asked her about it. Brittany said I said it and she didnt. Well, everything got started then. Brittany was calling me names and everything. I'm not saying I didn't have it, but Jordyn could've stepped in and took up for me. After that class, she said the only reason why she didn't take up for me is because she thought I said what Brittany told her I said, (which I don't believe). She's just never there for me. Everytime I get into it with someone, she just sits there and laughs and says, "that was pretty funny" or something like that. I didn't talk to her after that and she doesn't understand why. Do you think I'm wrong for being mad at her? I'm not saying I can't take care of it myself, I'm just saying it would be nice for my best friend to back me up in stuff like that because I would if she was in that situation.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yeah I would be a little mad but if I was in your position I would probably be mad for a day or two and then start talking to her But for my friends when ever some ***** starts talking about my friend, my friend tells me and I get up in there face and they don't do anything when my friends are in trouble I help them but when I'm on trouble they back me up but there really nice so they don't cuss or nothin and there not the violent type so I don't get mad when they don't have my back

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