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How can I get abs? Please help?

I am a girl and 16 years old, I work out everyday, its like my obsession, when I workout I work on everything (cardio, lifting weights, abs) I eat really healthy, I am also in track at the moment and we do abs and lift too. I have been trying to gets abs for almost a year now but I still haven't gotten them. Any tips?

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    Sit ups. And lots of them. I'm a 15 year old female swimmer and I've had abs sine I was 11. also try go to the pool and do plenty of butterfly kick on your back

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    1.Cardio (to get rid of fat)

    2.Leg lifts (strengthen your abs and legs)

    3.Sit-ups (They are the best type of ab crunches)

    Hope you get there!

    Source(s): I got a six pack mainly from those things
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