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Dog breed info: tamaskan dog, standard poodle or pit bill?

I'm looking into getting a second dog. I currently have a bichon/shitzu x so a small dog. I would be able to give the dog 30-60 mins of daily exercise plus playing fetch at a nearby dog park. I would prefer a dog that does not shed but if the personality of a shedding dog is perfect then it is ok. I love dogs that love people and are very affectionate and loving and will sit/snuggle with me. It also needs to be ok around small dogs. Here are some dogs that I've been thinking of getting:

Tamaskan dog

Standard poodle


I am not limiting my choices to these dogs (though they are beautiful) because all I want is my dog to be happy. So if these dogs need more exercise that I can give please let me know. Also, if there are different breeds that would suit my family better than let me know :)



Sandy- yes they are :) and I've heard that tamaskan dogs need 45-60mins of exercise daily

Helen- a 60 minute walk and fetch however long every day isn't good enough? Ha. Alot dogs thrive on that. I've done my research

#1animal- actually I would prefere a big dog. I kindof thought that since only bigger dogs were on my list people would clue in. But thanks for the info

Dianam- thanks for all the info

Just to let everyone know, I am able to take the dog for at least one 45-60 min walk a day and at least fetch in the backyard. I've owned dogs before and I know how much work they are. If anyone has info on the breeds I have listed or thinks on would suit my lifestyle better please let me know

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    I am not familiar with the tamaskan dog, but I am gona guess that it's not too easy to find.

    I own a standard poodle and I am a shelter volunteer for more than 6 years now, so I am very familiar with pits. Pits have a high prey drive. so they are often not good with other dogs, especially small ones. Having said that, there are however, ones that are good with other dogs. I knew a great one that lived with a Chihuahua and they were the best of friends. The good news is that there are lot of them in your local shelter.


    Standard poodles are great dogs. i love the heck out of mine. what a goofy, sweet dog he is. clean, doesn't shed at all. Poodles are known for getting a long well with other dogs. One thing about getting another dog that is much bigger. The larger dog should have less energy than the smaller dog. My poodle wants to play every minute that he is not asleep. Its hard on my older pembroke corgi. Think of Tigger from whinnie the pooh. He bounces my corgi a lot! Poodles are very active dogs, they love to bounce around and run. Standards are not that common in rescue, but there are a number of them around. They are not as solid as a pit. They do have to be groomed regularly. their hair mats like crazy otherwise. http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/reviews/standardp...

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    Tamaskan Dog Breed

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    All 3 of those breeds need WAY more exercise than you're willing to give it.

    Go to a local shelter and look for a small to medium dog (mixes are fine, doesn't have to be purebred) that has a laid-back personality and likes other dogs. Then take your dog to meet him to see if they get along.

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    You want a small dog, right? Try a yorkiepoo! I have 2, and they are wonderful!!! They don't shed and mine are affectionate(one almost never stops licking! XD) Their size and personality depends on their parents, so I can't explain that part.

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