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Guys: How can I get his attention?

I know you can't ever make someone, like you, but you can attract them.

So guys, what attracts you, physically? Or even gestures, like lip bite, or flipping your hair, etc.

Lol, anything will help me.

I've been playing on a rec soccer team for a little over a month now, and I have a thing for one of the players. Its co-ed (both guys & girls on a team), im not lesbian lol. But i definitely feel like he's interested in me somehow. He seems flirtatious, but damn, what guy isn't now-a-days. Maybe he's just being friendly. Anyways,

What can I do to to get him to notice me?

All answers are greatly appreciated!

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    While you're playing soccer wear short shorts and a shirt that shows some cleavage.

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    just be yourself ---- if he is interested he has noticed you if he is not interested then there is nothing you can do to attract him ---- i dont know why people think biting your lip is attractive --- it says you are nervous ---- if you really want to get his attention say hello stand out from the crowd that just stands there waiting to be talked to

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