Recommend Comics? (No superheroes!)?

I've just started reading comics and I'm looking for more series to get into. However, I do not like superheroes.

So far I absolutely love The Walking Dead and Saga.

I do not like superhero comics, so please don't suggest any (:

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  • 8 years ago
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    Image is the way to go if you want non superhero comics. The Walking Dead is an Image comic book.

    Y the last man - Y is the story of young, carefree Yorick Brown--the last man on earth. There's a catch though, when every mammal with a Y chromosome mysteriously drops dead, the world's 3 billion women survived. This might sound like the ultimate male fantasy, but Yorick's journey to find his missing girlfriend (and simultaneously save humanity) is fraught with peril--as society collapses and a new world order emerges. The series is absolutely brilliant, filled with nuanced characters and awesome post-apocalyptic action. Oh, and Yorick has a pet monkey, Ampersand, so that's pretty cool too

    MMD Gap- is a supernatural mystery that debuted in May 2012, following the ensuing events after Elle Peterssen, a beautiful and rich young woman, is attacked in the subway and left for dead. While her body lies comatose, Elle’s mind can observe what goes on around her. She alone holds the key to her attack, but she can’t even remember who she was.

    Mornig Glories

    Lazarus -Debutes in June

    Here is the website for more

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    8 years ago

    Comics are mostly superheroes but there are some good non-superheroes ones.

    Sandman by Neil Gaiman is fantastic there is no superheros but these godly creatures called the Endless do exist.

    Powers is basically an anti-superhero book since you don't like heroes you might like it.

    As the other person said Y The Last Man is amazing.

    Hack/Slash is another good one that sorta borderlines superheros in a way but its mostly as the title says.

    Fables and 100 Bullets are two more by Vertigo which I like.

    Some other interesting ones Chew, Sweet tooth.

    Source(s): I read a lot of comics.
  • 8 years ago

    American Vampire - The Horror series follows two new vampires in 20th Century America, 1920s actress Pearl Jones and 1880s outlaw Skinner Sweet. The series gradually moves forward in time; it is currently set in the 1950s. It is currently in a year-long hiatus, with a one-shot in June 2013 and its full return in October/November 2013.

    Hellblazer - The series follows John Constantine, a cheating con man and magician/detective. While a version of the character appears in the DC Universe, the Hellblazer original version is a lot more rude and older. The series had a number of writers, but Garth Ennis' run (#41-83) is considered the series best. After 300 issues, the Vertigo series recently got cancelled, and was replaced by DC's own Constantine title.

  • 5 years ago

    Vertigo from dc had a lot Fables, Sandman, Preacher, Constatine all very good. Dark Horse and independent companies will have the most non-hero types. The Walking Dead, Y, and Bone are real good ones. Also I dont know if you consider them super hero, but Spawn, The Darkness, and Kick-*** are very good too.

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