What are some DIY projects that I could use to decorate the walls in my bedroom?

I have so many nice pictures of my friends and great memories and I would love to have a way to showcase them in my bedroom so that I can look at them and remember it everytime that I go in my room. I have some memory boxes and I like them, but I want a way to do pictures without looking trashy and not good. I have a pretty small room and I want to make it look bigger also, and not smaller by adding the wall art. I don't want the pictures on the same wall as the memory boxes, either. So what are some cheap ideas to showcase all of these memories?


EDIT: The ribbon board idea is a good suggestion, but I'm not sure how much it appeals to me/what I am looking to do. However I will keep it in mind, I am still open to other ideas.

1 Answer

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