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PLEASE ANSWER. Do you think this girl is a sl*t?

Well, Ill give you a bit of info on her and you tell me if you think shes a slut or not.

Shes 15.

She shaves her vagina every day and doesn't miss a spot of her.

She wears thongs all the time.

She pulls down her bikini bottoms at swimming so guys can see her v*gina

She gave a BJ to 3 guys in the past year, 2 of those guys gave her oral and she gave one of them a handj*b

She sent naked pictures to guys before, and got on cam for guys before.

She masturbates nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

So what do you think, sl*t or not?

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    If it’s you, stop doing those things. If it isn’t you, it’s none of your business.

    It’s certainly no business of ours.


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