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What's wrong with me? Why do I end up in the wrong group of friends?

Hey, I would really appreciate if you read this all(:

So in fifth grade I used to be in a great group of friends. I remember loving going to school (: Now, im in 8th grade. Everything went wrong in 6th grade...

My group of friends from 5th grade drifted a part, and I was left with no one except my one really good friend. My good friend ended up hanging out with a popular group in 6th grade and still is today. I barely talk to her anymore. Why? because shes with the popular group and I'm not.

Anyway, in 6th grade I ended up becoming friends with two really nice girls. Sadly, they ended up drifting away from me, as well. I don't know why this happened. am i not a fun person? am i ugly? weird? im really quiet at first, maybe thats why people don't want to be my friend?

To continue, I felt like i had no one at this time.. and in 7th grade I became friends with what my mom calls the misfits. Lol. All 7th grade and all 8th grade I've been hanging with these people. They are just the type of people who dont really fit in. I'm sick of it. I feel like I deserve a better group of friends. I don't mean to sound full of myself. I just want better friends. I honestly can say I forget what it's like to have a good group of friends. I miss that feeling of being in a nice circle of friends.

I don't want to be a misfit. All the girls in our grade laugh at us and make fun of us. It's such a shame that I lost the great friends I had years ago . I know we all change interests and friends drift away, but it still saddens me.

And even out of school (at my extra curricular activities) I end up hanging out with misfit type people. Do I just end up in that category ? What should I do? I hope high school will be better, and ill meet some good friends(:

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    Dress differently and don't talk much, hang around the group you want to be in and eventually u will be accepted

    Source(s): I did that and it work out fine
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    Alright. First. It will be a lot harder for a girl to just join a tight group of friends eighth grade up. There are different groups as in preps, skaters, etc. if those are the groups you are talking about you need to pretty much change to their liking. You don't see an emo girl who wears all black hang out with the preppy girls. But, just trying to find a "good group" of friends could mean just that and not a social class. Just find someone or some people who are like you and you guys can easily develop that relationship. Those "misfits" are at every school and really would hang out with anyone. Don't resort to hanging out with people just to be a part of something. Join a sport. I play lacrosse and just due to that have a good group of friends because we share the same interests. Anyways, hope I helped (:

    Source(s): Junior in high school.
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