How to ask a girl for her number?

I know I'm a failure, but there is this girl who I like(she knows). The only reason I told her was because I thought she liked me and I still don't know. I want to get her number before summer at the latest but I don't know how to even ask. We don't talk enough during school so I need it soon or I'll be friend zoned.

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    8 years ago
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    Ok dude... Firstly ask her if she's on a social networking site like fb or something, cool approach without being overly suggestive, cos everyone adds anyone these days

    She will probably tell you, if she doesn't let it go, but you will probably get it, foot in the door there bro

    From there make a compliment on a picture with a "like" if you get a responding comment then you just upped yourself to atleast 25%

    From there, you can see her life, well what she's showing, so it gives you a bit more info on her likes and interests for you to pick up on, find a common ground and post on her wall about it... DON'T post like 2 days later on a topic she brings up (common ground based) cos you would of missed your moment, a day is cool cos you were "busy" and didn't check your feeds...

    Eventually move onto an inbox, more private and by then you should be more comfortable talking to her...

    If you really need her number then grow a pair and go up to her and say "would I be doing too much if I got your digits hahahaha"

    But I'd use the first method since you yourself described yourself as a failure psssst chicks like confidence!!! But this method would get you used to interacting with her to build your courage as you go

    Good luck anyway

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  • 8 years ago

    High five bro! Same situation except I'm a girl and I ain't asking for that asshole's number.... LOL. So maybe you could go to a social network and say "we should talk more! Can I have you're #?"

    or something like that. Lol sorry but i need to let my story out here so here i go.... Okay so the guy I like he kept talkking to me (This was like 2 or one year ago) And he seemed really interested in what I like, so i told my friend to tell him i liked him. I thought he would say "I like you too" or "I'm sorry I don't feel the same way" But NO. He decideds to contniue talking to me but in a annoying sarcastic voice. Like omg wtf. And he decides not to say either i love you or i hate you. like I just want an answer so i can get this over with. but nope. I get to wait around for 3 Years! YAY. And you could be friendzoned in text too but yeah. Better to know now than later. Unfortunately i have to wait LATER. HE'S TAKING MY LOVE LIFE AWAY FROM ME lololol sorry for being overdramtic

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Just go for it! Say hi and introduce yourself

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