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I feel good being a loner?

Okay, I never talk to people at school right, everytime on my progress report it says I don't comply with other kids and say "innapropiate things" because people wanna talk to me but think I have a bad attitude because I swear at them but I just love being alone! It makes me feel happy! I love not having to talk to people!

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    This sounds like "sour grapes."

    A fox saw bunches of grapes hanging in somebody's backyard,

    "Oh, what lovely grapes! I'm sure they're delicious."

    But they were too high for him to reach.

    "No matter. They're probably sour."

    Try to balance these things. There are times to be alone and times to be with people.

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    You sound like a misanthrope. Don't swear at will need some sort of relationship in life that involves people, like a work relationship so try to make an effort to be a little social. When you lash out at others it makes you look like a sociopath, something people are a little wary of these days.

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    well try to not put them down for trying to be nice. you are very fortunate to view the world the way you do you will go far in life.

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    8 years ago

    Lucky you. I hate it:-(

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