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Okay, so Christians claim they don't threaten atheists with Hell. So do they condone torturing atheists?

Christians literally think I deserve to be tortured because I don't believe what they believe. Not just waterboarding or bamboo splinters under the fingernails for a few years, but eternal torture of the worst forms they can comprehend (even beyond what the laws of physics allow, actually), and they can't imagine a being more perfect than one that would condemn me to such torture. If they don't personally believe I deserve that type of torture for how I think, then they worship a being that they think doles out unjust punishments.

Not only do they believe I deserve torture, they have taken it as their mission in life to get as many other people to agree with them on this subject as they can.

Now explain to me again why you think I should respect this type of deranged crusade that condones torturing people for nothing other than what they believe?

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    relax. Youre talking to children, use simple analogies and slogans for them to comprehend easily.

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    Christians literally think I deserve to be tortured because I don't believe what they believe.>>>

    Not very many at all think that. Where did you get that idea?

  • Indeed, Christians do threaten Atheists with Hell. They browbeat and try to terrorise other Christians and Theists, or religious groups too, but it is idle gossip which causes wars because, too many people take them far too seriously. Basically, get over it, or just go to war.

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    God created you. The bible says He knit you in your mothers womb. He created this world and everything in it for you. He gave free will to make choices in this life. He desires to have a relationship with you. He desires to prepare a place for you in heaven for all eternity. He offered His sinless, blameless, only Son the Lord Jesus Christ, to come as a man and pay your sin debt, making you righteous and worthy of being in the presence of God. All of your sin, past, present, and future, forgiven, just for the asking. Eternity in paradise. One on one communication through prayer everyday. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit who will remain with you until the day you go to heaven. After all of this, you choose to reject Him, His love, His desire to be in a relationship with you, His desire to give you eternal life in heaven, and the choice to either be with HIm, or be apart from Him. He tells you that eternity is in one of two places. What you want, is to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you, with no consequences. He should just let you live however rebellious you can be, while you sit back and judge Him for being immoral. He uses people like myself, and circumstances in your life to get you to drop your guard, and hear directly from Him. You don't currently want that. You want to judge God, when two thirds of what I just told you, you were unaware of until now. You have made little effort to seeking Him out. If no one on YA can convince you of God, that's all the proof you need. Do you see the type of behavior your displaying. All that He has done for you, and desires to do for you, and your attitude is, 'Prove yourself God'. 'Your immoral God.' All of this may sound harsh, but friend I care about your eternity. It's Friday night I'm taking the time to give you the opportunity to change your eternal destiny. I'm not here to judge you, but your asking for real talk, so let's here is some real talk. Kids don't want to go to the doctor, but the parents know best. I realize I'm the parent in that scenario, but you get the point. God isn't some sadist in the sky, He's your very Creator and heavenly Father. He doesn't just kick you to the curb if you reject Him to a certain point. For the rest of your life, He will continue to try and open that guarded heart of yours to the truth that sin in this world has blinded you to. All Christian's at one time or another were blind to the truth, because of the sin in our hearts. Understanding God doesn't come from hearing a sermon or reading the bible, until the person allows God to give the understanding of what was heard or read. Open your heart, and honestly ask Him to speak to your heart and He will do so.

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    Back in the day Christians burned and killed people with ANY differing belief

  • Anonymous
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    No, they don't. Your saying it means nothing. Yes, you might go to Hell but that is a whole different matter. Are you denying there is a Hell. Well that is not the same is it !!

  • Rene
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    I don't deserve Heaven. NOBODY deserves heaven. It is only by God's grace that we are allowed to enter in.

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