What is the difference between these three styles?

-Gracie Jiu Jiutsu

-Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu

-Traditional Jiu Jiutsu

BQ: Also, would it be a good idea to learn two martial arts at the same time? i.e. muay thai and bjj? Or would it be better to become good in one, then learn another one later?


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    I would define "Gracie Jiujitsu" as having a greater emphasis on the self-defense aspect of the system. The original Gracie curriculum includes your standard "self defense" type of thing against standing grabs and chokes, head locks, punches, etc.

    "Brazilian Jiujitsu" as is accepted these days will tend to be tailored more towards getting really good at ground grappling in a gi- what might be called the "sport" aspect, though I think that's a bit misleading.

    In reality, the basics you learn in either are going to be the same, more or less. I spent most of my BJJ time in a school that would focus on the Gracie curriculum, including the self-defense portion, and in order to progress through the ranks, you'd have to demonstrate the self-defense moves, so it was actually what I would define as a "Gracie" school. At the same time, our guys did OK in competitions, but other schools I visited would train techniques that were more likely to occur only in a grappling competition. So the basic ground movements, escapes, and submissions are the same, but a GJJ school will have an eye towards self-defense, while what I would consider a "not-a-Gracie" (or perhaps just "modern") BJJ school wouldn't have a lot of that element, and would include techniques at the higher ranks that are used more in competition and aren't found in the original Gracie curriculum.

    It's just splitting hairs, really. Nearly all BJJ schools can trace themselves back to the Gracie family, and you wouldn't be incorrect to call Gracie Jiujitsu "Brazilian Jiujitsu".

    Traditional Jujitsu (notice the difference in spelling) actually covers several different schools of unarmed combat that have their origins in the fighting arts of the Samurai. Many became Judo, which was largely what was taught to the Gracies (at the time, Judo was also known as Kano Jujitsu). Because there are many different schools, the curriculum varies widely, but generally the focus is on grappling (throws, locks, chokes) that has been augmented with strikes.

    Here are some of the basic self-defense moves from the Gracie curriculum:


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    This sequence shows things that aren't in the Gracie curriculum, specifically "jumping guard" or jumping on a standing opponent and pulling him on top of you:


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    Finally, here's a clip of a "traditional" Jujitsu school. You'll notice that, while some parts of it look a lot like the Gracie SD clips, there's a greater emphasis on wrist locks, as well as delivering a finishing strike on the ground:


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