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Bayern Munich against Barcelona 1st leg,do you think?

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    Barcelonas recent defensive weakness is Bayern Munichs advantage. If the opponents defensive work is not the best, Bayern can break through it easily from the wings into the center. And score. And they have lethal midfield players. And Pizarro will most likely play the 1st leg anyway since Mandzukic is booked, so that is a danger for Barcelona. He will score, he is a veteran in football and is the best striker Bayern have with experience.

    Barcelona can win, if they fix their defense, and tire Bayern Munich. However, Bayern does not get tired easly, just look what Juventus tried to do. They still ran the entire 90 minutes around the pitch. They need to be smart Barcelona. But with Bayerns super strong defense, it is going to be hard. Extremely hard.

  • Why do people still talk about 08/09? This is the present. Both squads have changed immensely over 4 seasons. Bayern is much much better than what they were before, and honestly Barcelona doesn't have that super undefeatable squad that they had back in the day.

    So all just stop remembering history like Liverpool fans and look at the present. My honest opinion on the outcome of both legs:

    1st Leg: 2-0 Bayern (won't be easy, but Bayern will manage; Pizarro goal and Robben goal)

    2nd Leg: 1-1 Draw (Goal by Messi; Goal by Muller)

    3-1 Aggregate: Bayern advance to Semi's

    Source(s): My honest opinion.
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    That bayern fan is really pouring over and overrating his munich boys.

    I see a tie of 1-1 or 2-2 coming. Probably the latter since all these teams know how to do is score. But of bayern win its gonna be a 2-1 or 3-2 close one. But on top of that barcas away goals will prove vital and the Nou Camp is a whole new realm and power in barcas return leg favor. The allianz is no Nou Camp. If barca win away its all over for bayern. so anyway it goes bayern will lose, just not easily.

    Leg one Allianz Arena: 2-2 tie

    Leg two Camp Nou: 3-1 Barca

    Agg: 5-3 Barca

    Ps. Bayern, dont forget 08/09 4-0. (Like you would forget...)

  • A tie. 2-2 Munich are playing home and they have a consistent team throughout that Barcelona do not have. Plus Munich will counter attack alot which is Barcelona's biggest weakness. But Barcelona on the other hand will make sure Messi scores a goal or two and will look to counter attack Munich as well. Munich plays better with posession which they probaly will not have against Barcelona. So thhat is the reason why I think the first leg will result in a tie.

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    Bayern Munich had not trouble whatsoever to score against a world class defense.Barcelona's attack will fail before the might of Bayern's stingy defense.While the 'defensive' full backs of Barcelona will have their hands full.Alba and Alves being attacking minded will have a hard time to stop ribery and robben.Expect Bayern Munich to rout Barcelona.

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    If barca have a great day like against Milan, I could easily see them rip Bayern apart 3-0 or 4-0.

  • Jke
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    8 years ago

    bayern 3-1

  • 8 years ago

    Probably a close one. Unless Barca are having a great day.

  • 8 years ago

    Barca won't crash now and messi is on fire as usual I see an all Spanish final and R Madrid winning it

  • Rakesh
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    8 years ago

    i think barca will win

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