Fair compensation for a fall in Target?

A couple of months ago, I slipped on a stray piece of packing in Target. I am 78 years old and ever since I have been in extreme pain. The fall caused me to hyperextend my knee, and numerous other problems have occurred since the fall. I have seen a doctor and chiropractor and they both think that I have a case. Can someone please inform me as to the average compensation received from a case like this? Thanks.

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  • 8 years ago
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    IF it can be proven that Target acted negligently (and having a stray piece of packaging on the floor is not negligent necessarily) you are entitled to your medical and out of pocket expenses.

    The first question the lawyers for Target will ask you is why didn't you avoid the packaging? Was it hidden from view and you didn't see it? Then how would Target know it was there?

    Your doctor and chiropractor should stick with their day jobs - they obviously are not lawyers.

  • 8 years ago

    Did you report it as it happened, did you take up their offer of a ambulance at the time of the incident, did you get a copy of the accident report............

    Can you show that at the age of 78 that your knees where just perfect before you fell.............

    There is no average.....it all depends on what YOU did at the time of the accident.

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