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Can i get box braids if my natural hair is almost to my nipples?

i want to get box braids for this tour/trip im going on for thirty day and its non stop traveling, singing, sleeping. ive always been natural with hair type 3b/c. if so, can i also get like box braids 101?

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    If you want the braids, then go ahead and get them. That would be a convenient way to wear your hair for the next two months without a lot of fuss and bother, especially when travelling and you don't have the time to spend on your hair.

    Some things to take note of:

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    field braids would be sturdy, somewhat in case you do manage your hair with some form of conditioner. at the same time as your hair is braided you will likely no longer be waiting to do too many risky issues to it which includes styling products so it would desire to easily get greater effective! i might say you're sturdy =)

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