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Novacaine high? I had a root canal yesterday, and afterwards i had this nice sort of high from the numbing med?

It kind of felt like the feeling of coming down from a weed high but much better and very calming/dream like. Was this novacaine? And if so is there any recreational way to use it or another drug that produces similar effects?Has anyone else felt this way after a dentist procedure? At first i also felt pretty dizzy, like i was walking on a moving airplane

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    My answer may not be what you're looking for..but I hope you find it interesting:

    I would say try and seek your HIGHS from things that love you back rather than things that destroy your health. TRUTH is when you get pleasure out of things that build your health and life. If healthy things don't give you pleasure, then you need to make a slow and deliberate evolution towards this place. It may take months or years.

    - Have a reason/dream/a passion to live for. Have something to pursue and look forward to. Have a project plan that will get you there. This keeps you motivated if you're working a job you don't like in the meantime

    -Getting enough sleep so that you wake up refreshed (not when an alarm forces you to wake up - go to bed earlier)

    - Drinking enough water so that you're urine is clear.

    - Eating predominately 80% plant based diet, preferably raw.

    - exercise. have a sport or an active lifestyle that you ENJOY

    - Getting enough sunlight everyday, stare into the sun with your eyes closed.

    - have fulfilling relationships. surround yourself with those that lift you up. distance yourself from negative people and negative situations.

    if you want more information go here:

    When you're feeding the CELLS with what they need and giving them the building tools and the rest, and the activity they need, they can clean out the dross, and purify your flesh. Your mental clarity lifts up and a huge weight lifts off your shoulders. You function at a higher level and can enjoy a natural and healthy HIGHER state of life

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    I'm pretty sure you can purchase it openly. Not that you'd want to:

    "Unlike cocaine, a vasoconstrictor, procaine (novocaine) does not have the euphoric and addictive qualities that put it at risk for abuse." -- Wikipedia

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