Fighting unemployment?

I live in the state of Missouri. The reason i was fired was ridiculous. The reasoning was because my manager was constantly yelling at me at work so i decided to record her finally. I have about a minute and a half recording of her screaming and yelling at me. I let the district manager listen to it and she had to give me a call back. She finally called back and said that i had to of provoked her for some reason and that i was fired because of it. I have been applying for unemployment however i just received a letter today stating that the reason they are saying i was fired was because i lost the keys to the store and failed to report doing so, which is the farthest from the truth and have turned in the keys that day. Now they are giving me the option to appeal this. I was wondering what would be the best way to go about this appeal to win it? No other workers were working at the time of the incident so i have no witnesses, only a text message to a previous co worker that was fired about a week before me saying i was fired and then explaining why.. the real reason, not what they are saying. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Most of the time you will have to appeal in this cases and ask for a hearing. Be sure you appeal on time. At the hearing, you can ask the hearing judge for all the evidence you need. Be sure you ask for it to be subpoenaed as you have this right and the judge will usually grant it for due process under the law. Ask for everything you did to document you tried to protect your employment, recordings, emails, employee policy book, witnesses you spoke with, co-workers that also exhibited this pattern of behavior with management, your personnel file. Also review your unemployment case file. In addition, question the person who is accusing you about the keys. Your boss cannot testify about someone else accusing you, the employer would have to bring evidence or testimony from the person who is saying that about you. You can prove the recording led to this and will be successful.

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    You could have problems entering the tape recording as evidence in court since you made the recording without her permission which could make it inadmissable. It depends on the laws in your state.

    It's obvious they made up a lie because of your proof so I would hold onto it. If anything, you might be able to keep it out of court and work toward a settlement with a lawyer.

    Source(s): I knew somebody in a similar situation
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