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I hate having big boobs!?

I'm 14 and I wear a 36 double d and I hate it so much! I look around at all my friends and they have small boobs. I'm so jealous of them. I hate running because my boobs bounce up and people tell me that. Even one time when I was talking to my crush, my friend said he was looking at my boobs. I hate it so much!!! Please tell me ways i can make them smaller or something because its so annoying! I wear bras that make my boobs look smaller but they still look big. Also I want to find ways to get them to be perky because they sag a little. Please help!

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    There is no real way to make your boobs smaller. But you can make them LOOK smaller. Wear a sports bra. They make your boobs look smaller and it kind of helps when you're running so they won't bounce as much.

    Source(s): when i wear sport bras i look down at my boobs and go WTF?!?! where did my boobs go?! im 36c almost d.
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