HELP!!!!!!!! I need someone to guide me into the right direction of what do with my TAXES!!!?

The last time I filed my taxes was for 2007. So 2008 hits and I became unemployed in April and chose the option for unemployment to NOT take out taxes of my money well I was only expecting to be out of work up till 6mos and not expecting for it to be 2yrs, the money stopped exactly 2yrs later in April of 2010 and I worked part time in from may of 2010 to Jan 2011. Then in 2011 in Jan I found a full time job and worked up until now. I haven't filed my taxes for 2008, 2009,2010,2011 only for the reason was because I need to have enough taxes taken out of the part time and full time jobs to be able to pay the IRS back the money i hadn't have taken out from unemployment. When I work full time I always have around $1000 given back to me so the past 2 yrs of fulltime work should cover it.

I lost the slips from 2009, and part of the time i was on unemployment of 2010 unemployment and i want to do my taxes this year even though i have a few days to get it done but cant proceed w/o those employments slips I don't know where to start and I'm scared that ill owe so much money?

Can the tax person guesstimate of what I made on unemployment? I know its too late now if I go to unemployment will they know or send me those summaries?

What kind of penlites will i get?

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    8 years ago

    You cannot guess what your W2s were because you would miss out on receiving credits for all the taxes you paid that were deducted from your salary. The only way I can think of for you to obtain this now, is either from the employer from those years or contacting the irs and your state tax dept. Hopefully they have these figures from your social security number. This should help to determine your federal and state tax refunds. irs is 800-829-1040.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    why did you ask that? ? you should know the answer, right? pay, follow the rules.. is it too hard? ah..

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