How sensitive are the dollar store brand pregnacy test?

Yesterday morning I took a dollar store brand test, the pink dye kind, and I saw a white bright line, which I am assuming is an evap line. However, I did see it in the alloted time frame. If it were an actual line, would it just be faint because there's not enough hcg in my system? I've only had sex, both times unproctected, since my last period (march ninth) on the 23 and 30. My periods are usually 31 days apart.

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  • 8 years ago

    Oh boy could just be that you tested too early but according to my calculations and this link I'm about to give you based on a 31 day cycle you ovulated right around March 26th which fits in perfectly with the sexual encounter you had on the 23rd. Sperm can survive up to 7 days with 5 days being the average.

    **Edit: After scrolling through your previous questions I really hope you didn't go behind his back and claim this happened by accident. You seem very insecure and paranoid he's going to leave you. This isn't the way to keep him. I really hope for your sake and his that you're just late and nothing more. This baby doesn't deserve to be born with a job to do.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Actually they are very accurate took a dollar store pregnancy test 3 days after missed period and it was right I was pregnant I talked to my obgyn and they told me they are actually very sensitive

  • 8 years ago

    Pregnancy tests are pretty accurate no matter how cheap they are. I know first response has a more sensitive test but you are paying more that earlier detection. If you use any of them after your missed period they all should be pretty accurate.

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