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What is wrong with my nail polish?

Well, I wanted to do the ombre nail art for my nails. When I did it on one of my nails, it turned out better than I thought it would but when I did two of my other nails, the base started chipping off. For my ring finger I painted the Aqua Island Blue, let it dry for like 20 minutes, and sponged on Maxi Professional. For my other nails I did the same thing ( put on Aqua Island ) except I got bored and they ended up drying for an hour or two ( they dried in the first fifteen minutes ). When I sponged on

Maxi Professional, the Blue was coming off. Is there a reason to why that happened?

Polishes I used:

Unforgettable Moments- Aqua Island

Maxi Professional- Lady Lylac

How to do Ombre: ( Ignore Polka Dot Part )

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    too colorful

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    That's really colorful and it looks like it takes a lot of nail polish, Well did it start chipping off after it dried? Cause if it did it's probably cause you put a lot of different color nail polishes on it was really thick, and it became easy to chip off.

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