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What are my chances? Do I hand any need to worry?

I had sex with my ex on nov14 and started my period on the 16th. We did not used a condom ( stupid i know) He did not *** in me but scared i could get pregnant from precum. I've had all 5 periods since then nov-march. All 3 day periods filling atleast 2 pads a day. Ive been right on time except Last month I was 2 days late making it a 30 day cycle. This month I was 3 days late. started today after spotting yesterday,I had a tiny bit of red spotting on thursday and saturday. im on birth control off and on cant remember it. Could I be pregnant? Or just paranoid? I also had my period this month. Spotted Monday. Started tues. used 2 pads tues and weds. Used 1 pad Thursday.

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    lol. i dont think you pregnant hun. sometimes as women our menstrual change up with season. which is normal. if you were preg 9 out of 10 you would not have a menstrual this month. most women menstrual last 3-7 days. hope this help. also being off and on on the birth control can cause irregular periods of when it come on. do be careful bc i got preg from missing a pill.

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    If he didn't get anything in you I wouldn't worry about it, I don't know the chances of the precum if that got in you it might be possible

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    8 years ago

    just paranoid

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