Astrological IQ test 4. 5 Q,s 10 pts for most correct answers. Questions are given below?

Q 1. What is the next number in the sequence below.

5,6,6,6,3,5,5,7 ? Remember this sequence relates to an aspect of astrology.

Q 2. What is Wolfgang's Rising Sign? Wolfgang was born on the equator on May 8th. Just when he took his first breath his dad was pacing up and down outside the hospital and noticed that when he looked down at the ground he had virtually no shadow. It was sunny at the time.

Q3 Wilbur had 7 children. The first was an Aries which he called Max, the 2nd was an Aquarian which was called Ugo, the 3rd was a Pisces and he was named Nigel, the 4th was a Sagittarian ,she was called Julia, the 5th was a Gemini called Matilda, the 6th was a Libra whom he called Vincent and the 7th was a Scorpio. Which of the following names did he call his Scorpio boy Andrew, Arthur, Pubert, Caleb, Stanley or Fritz.

Q4 What are Mario's Sun and Moon signs? Mario was born on the equator. It was night-time. When Mario was born the Moon was perfectly full. Mario's dad was just outside and when he looked up he saw the moon had risen to a point where it was just behind a 5 metre tall tree. Mario's dad was 5 metres due east of this tree at the time and facing due West Mario has 1 degree Cancer Rising

Q5 If a person had 5 planets in Fire signs and 5 planets in Air signs what is the most number of squares that they could have in their chart? All planets are between 5 and 25 degrees of their signs.


In Q4 the Moon had risen to point such that it was right behind the top of the 5 metre tall tree when Mario's dad was 5 metres due east of it.

Update 2:

Q1 Each number represents the number of letters in the zodiac signs in order. The next sign is Sagittarius which has 11 letters so A = 11.

Q 2 No shadow means noon so the Rising Sign is 3 signs behind the sun sign so answer is Leo

Q3 Each child's name had the same first letter as its sign's ruling planet so Pluto rules Scorpio thus answer is Pubert

Q 4 5 metres away from a 5 metre tree indicates the moon was 45 degrees above western horizon. Cancer at 1 degree on east means capricorn 1 degree at west means Aquarius 16 degrees above it and since its a perfectly full moon Sun is in Leo with the moon in Aquarius

Q5 Air signs and Fire signs never make a square with each other so answer is zero. Only Water and Earth signs make squares with Fire and Air signs.

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    1. 11

    2. Leo Ascendant

    3. Pubert

    *hides embarrassed face

    Can you please explain 4 and 5?

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    8 years ago extremely invalid! Ive done multiple birthcharts because i didnt know my exact "birth time" and even a 10 minute difference changed my asc sign. Calenders are built of the lunar phases, and i cant narrow it down from a full moon. Full moon has 13 calender months, and astrology is now based off the 12 calender months. This includes personal natalcharts done by self, which i read at the library.

    Q2.midday= no shadow

    I really wish you didnt use geometrics.....the astrological alignment is extremely off from "modern astrology" knowledge...astrology works on paper, but its off in reality alignment. During the mid day?

    Midday...i think youre looking for Aqua rising

    Q5.45 comnimations of sqaures

    I gotta get ready for work..ill finish this later

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    1. 7??

    2. Taurus



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    My brain just exploded. Thank you very much.

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