Did Euronymous (guitarist of Mayhem) deserve to die?

I kind of want people's opinions on this, cause it's kind of touchy especially considering my opinion. I really did not think he should have lived unless his sole purpose was to play guitar.

To people that don't exactly know, he was stabbed 23 times by Varg Vikernes, the founding member of Burzum, of whom is a Neo-Nazi who felt threatened by Euronymous. Euronymous was a devil worshipper and was fascinated and condoned death and destruction and pain. He noted another band member's suicide ("Dead" of Mayhem) as "Really Cool" and before calling the police, took pictures of his dead body.

This is just vague knowledge off few news articles and wikipedia, so not everything may be entirely correct, but the question is, should Euronymous have died, or should he have lived on preaching his evil views to people?

(I am a fan of Mayhem and Burzum's music, I just didn't like his views on things)

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  • 8 years ago
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    I wouldn't say Varg is a Neo-Nazi. A biggot, anti-semite, Odinist quackjob are more like it.

    Anyway, I wouldn't say a fascination as death, destruction, and pain is a bad thing. Those topics peak my curiosity... But I'm not as ****** up as Euronymous was.

    Anywho! I don't think that he deserved to die. I'm not sure why, cause he's pretty ****** up. But...

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