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What is the Best value budget word processing/web surfing desktop?

I'm looking for a value buy on a budget desktop for my mother who is a writer. I dont know much about the budget pc market and with all the info and options im finding im getting a little frustrated. The uses for the machine would basically be limited to word processing, web surfing, and non demanding writing specific programs. I have ruled out the chrome OS for her, macs are not budget computers, so that leaves desktops as she hates Laptops. From what im seeing i could go as cheap as a refurbished Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop but it just seems like it would be out dated like next week. Basically im looking for the best options in the very low end Desktop market that will be viable for the most basic computer functions of word processing and web browsing for at least the next 2 years

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    Try this:

    $500 -

    $340 -

    Of course, these don't include the cost of a monitor

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    Best Computer For Web Surfing

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    processor - intel pentium g620 @ 2.6ghz - rs 3350 motherboard - gigabyte ga-h61m-d2h - rs 3350 ram - corsair 4gb ddr3 @ 1333mhz - rs 1200 photographs card - sapphire radeon 5570 1gb ddr3 - rs 3500 dvd author - asus or hp - rs 1150 tricky disk - western digital caviar blue 500gb - rs 4400 smps/psu - mercury 450w - rs 500 cabinet - cooler grasp elite 310 - rs 1750 show screen - dell/viewsonic 18.5" liquid crystal show - rs 5200 keyboard + mouse - logitech mixture - rs 700 finished - rs 25100 = rs 25.1k that's stable configuration to your requirement and the convenience is you are able to later improve processor to i3/i5/i7 2d technology and could be third technology additionally yet uncertain intel pentium g620 is a stable processor for budget minded people and this has greater effective overall performance whilst in comparison with different processors on the comparable value and you are able to rejoice with gaming because of the fact this cpu has ability to run all recent video games wish this may well be useful to you

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    Check out you might find something on a budget. Good luck!

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    You will build it or want a pre-built?

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