What should we do about PETA?

They said on their page that they intended to release ticks that live in the southern United States into the rest of America, specifically near popular restaurant chains. They want to do this because it causes a severe allergy to meat if bitten, it is called The "Lone Star" Tick. This sounds dangerously close to biological terrorism. They're trying to change us to their communist, vegan, BULLCRAP!!

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    Look at it this way: even if you totally can't stand PETA for what they stand for, they have the right to exist under the First Amendment. So do Radical Islamists, Neo-Nazis, Eco-Nazis, Consipiracy Theorists, Christian Identity folks, Black Separatists, and other Ethnic Nationalist/Hate groups. You might hate what they say, but that is their God-given right as an American to say it, and countless Americans died for that right.

    There are countless groups that views I dislike, but I believe that their views should be protected under the 1st Amendment.

    It's a lot of give and take. I hope this helps.

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    You're right, this is bio-terrorism. This is almost beyond belief! And they're promoting it on their own website.

    And how can they possibly guess what the consequences are of spreading an insect? It may also spread diseases. What if it begins to work on almost-carnivores, like dogs and cats?

    I'm usually very supportive of green efforts. But this goes too far. If they go beyond idle speculation, even to the point of planning, the leaders and all who participated should be arrested as domestic terrorists.

    Thank you for pointing this one out.

    Source(s): --- edit --- Yazdgerd IV: As unlikely as it may be you'll see this, I must respond. I fully agree that all those groups have a right to exist, and a right to espouse their view. I've always held the view that free speech and the right to believe as one wills is a cornerstone of freedom in the US. But none of them have a right to use terrorism. Just as I draw the line (for example) on radical terrorist when they threaten bio-warfare, I draw that same line with PETA. The deliberate spreading of diseased ticks just because one effect meets their personal views, without regard for other possible effects, in my mind is bio-terrorism. Take a look at their website, and read this article. http://www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2013/04...
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    Ignore them.

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