I need serious help and advice?

Yesterdwy, I got in my first fight in school. It was scary(kinda). Btw imma girl. Anywho I go to a catholic school. So we fought but everyone is so meam to me now. Im the victim. This all started because of the other person, not me. Everyone keeps on saying jokes like this. Today someone knocked off someone elses books. The guy said, "oh no dont start a fight!" And they all laughed. I was right there. I went to the school councler too. But even the teachers look down upon me. I was a great kid. Everyone loved talking to me. Now they give me stink eyes. I wanna leave school but its only 37 days left and its 8th grade. Idk what to do. Ive been crying so much. Right after the fight, I was crying but not because she thought she hurt me(her punches felt like nothing) but because I kept thinking "im getting kicked out, whats my mom gonna say, my brother, class mates?" Its like evryone hates me now but I mostly covered myself for protection. A teacher came up to me and was like "slugger". Like wtf. Even the priest gave me eyes. Monday I have to face it all again. A student wasnt there but he makes a big deal about everything. He wont leave me alone I know it. And emotions will get me and I mite cry. He messaged me on facebook saying I heard u got ir *** beat up r u in trouble? I started crying again but didnt reply. Imma show my counsler. So why is everyone on her side? No one saiid anything bad about her but to me. I am a good person. They treat me like the bad guy and the one who started all this. I need great advice. I wanna leave but I do wanna graduate. I dont know what to do. People wont stop and its only been two days. People say I cant fight, I got beat up. For the record there r no marks on me anywhere. On top of tht she broke my glasses. Advice? Some for how to handle people who bully me and what do I do? I used to be a bn le to say stuff in class and everyone wood laugh. But I cnt say anything without someone bringing it up. Im not a bad person at all.

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    8 years ago
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    They are feeding off your pain. Every time they joke laugh with them and prerend you find it really funny. That will piss them off and they will get bored

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