how to draw better???????

alright so i am a beginner at drawing and im not good like at all, and i was researching and was wondering if you trace alot could that make your drawings better, and what are some good tips for beginner drawers to get better?

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  • 8 years ago
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    1) don't "look" at things, OBSERVE things (shape, color, shading, perspective etc) TRAIN THY EYE!!! as i tell people :o try to think how it would be drawn basic shapes you know?!

    2) check out drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards

    3) Practice

    4) Practice

    5) Practice

    6) practice and practice and more practice

    7) PRACTICE LIKE HELL DUDE!!!!!!!!!! (you get the idea, right?)

    have fun :)

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    8 years ago


    Multiple ways to start drawing better is to look at different pieces of art. Just start to study things around you! Flowers, fruit, muscle structure. Those are some main steps.

    Base one would be to probably go to an art museum if you would like, or start with watercolors and pastels. Just asking someone for pointers doesn't kill either, but it does sting the pride a little (if you're one of those people.)

    Some people are only good at one type of drawing, though- so don't worry if you can't master all of them!

    (Like my cousin James is amazing at portraits, whereas my best friend Jamie is amazing at Manga/Anime- But neither of them can do the other!)

    Frankly, as long as you can pick up a pencil or paintbrush and decide what you are going to create, and it resembles what it is supposed to look like, each time getting better and better- YOU could be the next VanGoh or Picasso!

  • 8 years ago

    Don't start with tracing to try to improve, it might seem like a logical thing to do, but it really just makes you dependent on source image. Only use tracing when transferring a completed sketch.

    Literally the best thing you can do is draw from life. find images and references and challenge yourself to draw them.

    The secret is to spend more time looking at the reference then looking at the paper you're drawing on.

    Study muscle structure and practice sketching figures freehand.

    And don't be afraid to challenge yourself.

    Here are some sites to help you get refs and learn the basics of perspective.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    most of the time, it's realism. but if you are really good, and clever, cartoons could also be better and speaks louder than realism. think of some ways to make your cartoons stand out. and about the tools, it doesnt matter at all. Tools doesnt make an artist an artist? gets? If your artwork looks good even when you used crayola, that is a masterpiece. But if the artwook looks good only with the help of the "professional" tools, well, the tools need a standing ovation, but not the artist. tell that to that "feeling artist" girl.

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