Can someone please answer my TTC QUESTION ; z?

I had Sex on the 5th @ around 8 or

9 pm and i stayed on my back for like 5 mins and had to walk hom . & on the 9th i was ovulating and i had sex around 9 or 10 something (missionary) & i told him to stay inside for bout 3 to 5 mins and i stayed laying down for bout 3 to 5 mins ... and i had to get up and let him out and i had too pee & walkedhome and laid down i didn't pee or anything ... could i have a chance of been pregnant ....

P.s if i had sex i dont count the 5th count the 6 7 8 . if i had sex on the 9th i dont count it just count the 10 11 12 ... or im wrong if so can you tell me the right way

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Of course you have a chance of being pregnant because you have had sex. Peeing has nothing to do with getting pregnant.

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