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I feel dumb in face to face conversations - how can I help myself?

I feel I could do a better job thinking on my feet but I don't. I feel really dumb while conversing (though I listen well). Not so with friends as much, but with others like people in authority. I am not this way when it comes to my writing skills. I like it that I have time to think and elaborate when am writing. But in real-time conversations, people don't have patience to wait. One needs a quick-thinking mind. I fear I come across as just a pretty face with no intelligence, and quite boring, to some people. In reality I am just a deep-feeler and thinker which doesn't translate well in social situations. That deep thinking has no use in daily conversations where one requires speed/humor/smartness/ability to translate knowledge/wisdom/experiences into words quickly etc. How can I develop my ability to speak quickly and intelligently? I do wonder what makes me this way with certain people, but that would be another topic altogether.

I am just not good with speaking in general. I tend to hold in a lot even though the topic relates to my experiences and I can contribute. I just end up staying quiet. I wish I were a good story-teller that could hold people spellbound :). I just don't have that in me. And I don't know how to better myself.

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    check out lumosity.com ... they have a bunch of games that will help you speed up your thinking process. it's meant for other things like problem solving skills, cognitive skills, etc, but it has helped me speed up my thinking abilities in social interactions and such.

    Even if it doesnt work, lumosity is just great for your brain so do it anyway!

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