(paranormal) why in the past few years have i had strange marks on me and have had strange dreams?

well i know its normal to have sexual dreams i mean everyone does. so why have i had dreams where i would wake up not being able to breath and scratches on my chest back arms and stomach i would also have bite marks on my neck. i have also had the feeling of being pushed or as if some one was tickling my neck back and thighsi have also lost skin color loss of apatight and not being able to sleep i also noticed that i experience these actions not just at home but everywhere i go so am i paranoid or crazy is their an actual reason for this to be happaning to me

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  • Hunter
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    8 years ago
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    Strange dreams don't mean crap: I've had strange dreams for the last several decades where I would wake up each morning wondering "What the hell did *that* mean?" Eventually I got tired of them and had a therapist help me to forget what I dreamed each night.

    Sometimes though such dreams can be a relief valve for anxiety, and rarely do they have any significant meaning-- occult or otherwise.As for the strange marks, you might say you have a succubus problem but such demons aren't real. what is real, is sleep paralysis. If you have medical insurance, have your doctor schedule a sleep study to find out what's going on with you at night. It only takes one evening and it's painless; if you don't have it done you'll never know what's really going on at night.

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    You have an incubis. Please follow my information given and be strong;

    I used to be followed by these beings. There are a few ways to get rid of them temporarily but the only way to get rid of them for good is to clean up your life style. Don't be so negative, stay positive. Don't call people names. Turn off the metal and listen to The Beatles. They're attracted to hate and fear. Once you stop being afraid of them and see them as well... Just a shadow. They go away. But in the mean time I can tell you how to keep them away because it takes time to change your lifestyle.

    Wind chimes. They hate them and the frequencies they make. Think about this, growling is negative. It sounds negative and it's a low sound. Wind chimes are high-pitches and they make a high sound, they sound positive. The same applies to everything. The music you listen to, the words you say. They love negative frequencies. Negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity, you see what I mean about life style?

    Crystals. They vibrate higher than objects around them, just like positivity and keep them out of whichever room you place the crystals in.

    Frankincense. You buy it on Amazon or at bookstores. When it burns it resonates quickly and fills the room with (rather amazing smelling, might I say) sweet smelling positive smoke. Again, life style. Death smell negative, bitter and disgusting. Roses smell positive and sweet.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    it is either a succubus or an incubus (depends on your sex) so pray to God every day with prayers of release and prayer against evil (search the internet) another thing is to sprinkle holy water. if none of these work sprinkle holy water around your bed and make a circle of salt (make sure you have sprinled every part of the circle otherwise you may get trapped with it). And don't listen to the others ghosts and demons are real most ppls are too blind to see it.

    Source(s): I have been studying them for years and have been looking for a way to exorcise them
  • 8 years ago

    sleep paralysis coupled with you scratching yerself in yer sleep... nightmares very common nothing ghostly about it sorry.

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