should i trade for a 1983 kx 125 dirtbike?

i have a brand new set of 22 inch chrome rims and tires, they are after market truck rims, they fit most Chevys. should i trade them for a 1983 kx 125. If you do think i should make the trade what things should i look for on the bike to make sure it runs good.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hahaha..Chris! lol

  • 8 years ago

    Once traded a cow for three beans (may have heard this story already, sorry).

    In my case, the cow was a magic cow and the beans were plain old pinto.

    Could have made a lot of carne asade from that cow, instead I ate a three-bean burrito.

  • pinnix
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    5 years ago

    Is determined by your leg size compared to your torso, but i am 5'6" and can comfortably ride a KX125. Keep in intellect that for those who sit on it and must stand on tippy toes to contact, you is not going to be capable to touch the ground in MX boots in view that they is not going to permit you to bend your foot. Good factor is, that bike is pretty gentle, so it can be now not tough to capture it earlier than it eats dust in case you begin falling over :)

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