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Does anyone know where a brain tumor can grow?

I've recently came back from a trip to China and I've been having weird symptoms. I got worried a bit more like I wanted to check by myself online if I have any diagnosis and I've found out that I have some symptoms from a brain tumor. A few hours ago I touched my head and felt an unusual bump in the back of my head and I would like to know if brain tumors do grow in the back of your head. I haven't checked on a doctor yet but I'm only 13 and I still don't know how to tell my parents because I'm 99,9% sure they will think I'm insane because they are just...they just don't listen to me when I say something "weird". I do want to have a MRI or CT Scan too...but I need my parents help. Which is almost impossible. I just know that they will dismiss it and think I'm crazy. What should I do? I'm scared that it is a brain tumor and it grows into a malignant tumor...

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    What you are feeling at the back of your head is skull bone. Your brain is inside that bone. You should ask your parents to see a family doctor.

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    Never rely on the internet to give you a real diagnosis - only way to find out is to go to a doctor.

    That said - a brain tumour grows in the brain - which is inside a hard shell of the skull. Therefore, brain tumours do not result in lumps like you would feel anywhere else in the body (as the skull is hard and keeps the lump on the inside).

    At age 13, brain tumours are very rare. The first symptoms would be headaches, dizziness, loss of functions (such as weakness on one side of the body) or difficulty with walking/coordination.

    When I was at school, a 9 year old boy had a brain tumour. Only thing he noticed was that he found it hard to butter his bread - due to weakness down his right side. No headaches etc.

    In your case, did you knock your head on something? This could account for a lump - though if not painful, is likely that it is a bone, and has always been there and you just noticed it. (Yes, this does happen!)

    You don't actually mention what any of the "weird symptoms" are - so hard to guide you any further but I seriously doubt cancer - and nothing you have mentioned would even indicate it - so relax.

    If you have any serious concerns about your health, go see a doctor and chat with them. They will be able to run other tests first to work out if you even need a CT scan - and no, they would not give an MRI without some serious reason to do so.

    Side note: not all brain tumours are malignant. However, due to the fact that the skull prevents the tumour growing outwards (forming a lump), the tumour has no where to go and therefore pushes on the brain - which can be deadly. This is known as a "space occuping lesion" - basically, a lump taking up space where the brain needs to be, and growig larger thereby taking up more space.

    Therefore all brain tumours - cancerous or not - must be surgically removed to prevent pressure on the brain.

    Source(s): I'm a doctor and cancer researcher
  • Anything you feel on the outside is not a brain tumor. They grow in your brain, and occasionally into your spine. Unless you are having neurological issues ie; seizures you don't need an MRI.

    Source(s): Husband longterm survivor AAIII
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    A brain tumor grows in your brain, not on your head. Anything can be or not be a symptom.

    Source(s): i had brain cancer
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    Brain tumour can only grow inside the skull if you can feel something outside then it may be a simple cyst harmless

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    The internet diagnoses everyone with cancer.

    If you went to an exotic country and developed something, it's most likely an infection or parasite from that locale - see a physician and let them do what they trained so long to do.

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