How do I tell my (girl) friend to stop playing with me?

So we've been flirting and playing around for almost two years now and it's at a point where we're getting really attached but she has a boyfriend. He's 5 years older than us and we're in senior year high school. We've had a lot of moments and she gets very emotional about me because we say we love each other and everything. So the situation's very complicated because there are real feelings and fake feelings mixed in with our different friends thinking she's using me, which she could be.

We act like we're already a couple but she's had a boyfriend still. I can't be just friends with her if I tell her I want to stop having this back and forth with her because of what we've been through. How do I break it to her that we have to stop? I want to say that if she actually loved me she'd be with me and not her boyfriend, but I don't want to sound controlling because that's the opposite of what I want to sound like. I'm pretty willing to let go of her but I have to see her everyday and she's been part of my day all the time.

How do I tell her? I'm expecting her to cry in front of me like she usually does but I don't know how to handle this situation where I'll be almost cutting her off.

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    8 years ago
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    You're going to have to tell her that this isn't right, and that you both need to move on. If she truly loved you like she says, she would indeed dump her boyfriend to be with you instead. So she obviously wants him more than you, but of course she would never admit that. Telling her that is not being controlling at all, its being reasonable and honest.

    Telling her face to face is really the only way to do it, texting her, emailing her, etc. will just make things more awkward the next time you see her in person. I suggest you sit down and have a serious talk with her, and be as polite and respectful as possible. You don't have to tell if that if she really loved you she would dump her boyfriend, but you could if you wanted to. It is making a point.

    She may cry and be upset about it, but if she's not willing to dump her boyfriend for you, she'll probably just warm up to him more and seek out more of his attention.

    I wish you luck.

  • 8 years ago

    Next time she tries to play with you, just cut her off and tell it to her how it is. Tell her that you can't do this any more and that she needs to make a decision. It's either you or her boy friend.

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