Chance we can get back together?

So my ex and I broke up on March 29.

It was a completely clean break up and it was not bad at all.

Here are the (tried to shorten) the details:

-I'm 19, he's 22. We were together for 21 months

-I know he loves me and he always will (I know it probably doesn't mean much to you, but he told me that he will love me till the day he dies [he would never say anything he doesn't mean])

-He told me that he doesn't think he's "in" to being in a relationship (it's not for another girl or to hook up, since he doesn't go to college or have many friends)

+He didn't even sound sure of what he was doing and why... He just sounded really confused

+I don't think it's the relationship he doesn't want... He just didn't want to have a girlfriend (I did this) that texted him and tries getting his attention 24/7

-He is starting a business with his best friend and he said he's gonna be super stressed about it and doesn't want to push me away by not being able to see him as much as I want to because he'll be busy with the new business

-I am away at school right now (I'm transferring somewhere closer to home after this term), and I come home in 2 weeks (April 25th) for my cousin's wedding

+He drove me to the airport (after we broke up), and he hugged and kissed me good bye and told me "Please relax, I'll see you in a couple of weeks"

-He told me that when I'm home in a couple of weeks, we can sit down and talk and see where things are with us

-I know the decision was NOT easy for him. Over the course of 1 week, we probably talked about this for 4 hours in total

-Last time I texted/talked to him was last wednesday (4/3) and I called him. He just texted back "I'm fine, everything is good" and that was the last I've heard from him

+So I've been doing the "no contact", to give him his space.

-He said that the door is open to us getting back together

-He also told me that since I believe we'll end up back together, to just think of this as a little "detour" in our relationship

I know he loves me and I know he really cares about me.

Sorry for it being kind of long.

Do you think it's salvageable??


well he said one of his biggest priorities is making enough money to move out of his parent's house because he HATES it there

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    8 years ago
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    Hello, Communication is one of the cornerstones of all meaningful relationships. If you haven't been communicating with your partner, that could be one part of the problem. Make sure he knows you now understand this and that from here on out, you will definitely want to discuss your problems with each other, as well as possible solutions.

  • 6 years ago

    Have you lost the love of your life and need to learn how to get your ex back? It's an emotional time and often it seems the harder you try to smooth things over and work things out the worse it gets. Before you make another mistake and finish things for good you need to find out just what to do. If you lost the love of your life and want that person back, you need the Magic of Making Up.

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    5 years ago

    Once question that most people ask when they are on the wrong side of a break up is "why?". Instead of wasting your time figuring out the reason why it was you on the wrong side, you should be concentrating on how it is you are going to get your ex to come running back to you. Here are 3 dirty little tricks they will never see coming and put the advantage back in your court.

    Write them a quick letter and tell them you agree with the break up. Yea, I know it sounds crazy, but it works. Instead of getting some letter pouring your heart out to them, they are going to get a letter that says "ok, that's cool, and you know what? I agree with it". This is going to blow them away right off the bat because it is definitely not what they were expecting to see when they opened it up.

    So you've already got their head spinning, so let's take it one step further. Instead of calling them, texting them or talking to them, you are going to want to just cut off every single avenue of communication that you have between the two of you. For a couple weeks, don't return any phone calls, text messages or return letters. This is really going to drive them crazy, especially since they are still confused about the letter you sent them.

    Now lets take it another step and really get them thinking "what the heck is going on here!". After you have followed step one and two, you need to take your show on the road. By this I mean to get yourself out of the house and be around a lot of people.

    This works best if you have friends you have not seen in a while or if you live in a smaller town and have places that everyone seems to hang out at. Now, here's what this is going to accomplish.

    The fact that you are out and having a better time than your ex thinks you should be is going to get back to them. When they find this out, they are going to start putting all the pieces together in their head....but they won't be able to.

    First they got the letter saying you agreed with the break up, then they can't get in touch with you and you are are not answering calls and now they hear you are out on the town acting like it hasn't bothered you one bit.

    Do you think their head is going to be spinning? Sure is, and they are going to want to talk to you now! This is the perfect time to set up a meeting with them.

    Here is the most important question you must answer - Do you want to get back with your ex? If you do, then you need to make sure you are on the right track. Just as there are things you can do to make it work, there are serious things you can do along the way to completely blow any chance you may have had.

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    The first thing to do is to let all your emotions out. Surely, if you want to get your ex-girl or boyfriend back, he or she means a lot to you then you must love her/him, very much, so you are hurt badly. Well, shout let it all out! Do not be afraid to cry if I want to. Perhaps you want to have a smoke or a drink even if you never did before? Well, it won't do you any harm. Just don't fall into hard drinking, because that way you will never have a chance to get your ex back.

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  • 8 years ago

    It's salvageable if you want to believe in fairy tales and enjoy being a door mat. You are 19 and in college. You need to avail yourself of all the different men at your school and see all the potential of a better relationship that you have open to you. You have already wasted a long time with a young man who demonstrates that he does not have the depth of feelings for you that you have for him. Remember, relationships are like chocolate - you can enjoy it and maybe even love it, but when you have it all the time, it is not what is best for you. You have a long life ahead of your and now is the time to explore what you really need and want long term in your life. What makes you happy at 19, is not what will make you happy at 30.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't think so. There's a reason you don't get back with exes. He can always love you and not want to be with you. I would move on and date someone who actually wants to. Someone who will appreciate you and won't need space. Breaks usually wind up ending. Someone will have sex and things like that. I could be wrong but I think it's time to move on. Your both young.

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    6 years ago

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