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What do Army Rangers exactly do?

I know they do a lot of raids like securing airfields, giving security to other people like Delta etc. but do they ever Do things like land invasions or things like that? Or just plain go into battle?


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    So far all the answers are correct but they do many more things covertly. They work very closely with the CIA's, Covert Activity's Division. The Army Intelligence Support Activity, just known as "the activity" is comprised of Ranger and Delta soldiers. There is a great new book that is supposed to be fiction, that goes into a lot of detail on how they operate it is. DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY: Kill, Capture or do Nothing by Ed Schroeder. Great book can't wait for the next one in the series.

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    The Rangers are a gentle infantry drive. To be a Ranger, you have to be assigned to the seventy fifth Ranger Regiment. That you may go by way of Ranger college and be Ranger qualified with your Ranger Tab however without going to a Ranger Battalion. Assess out the hyperlink under for more information and ignore the individuals here who're telling you not to join in any respect. They have the proper to not join the navy however that does not imply they must go around seeking to discourage different men and women from joining as well. In case you are a junior or a senior which you could talking to a recruiter. In case you are a senior who is as a minimum 17 that you could sincerely enlist proper now and ship to basic after graduation.

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    The United States Army Rangers are the elite foot soldiers of the USA. They do the following:

    Direct action

    Special reconnaissance

    Airfield seizure

    Airborne & air assault operations


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    There are approximately 2,500 men in the 75the Ranger Regiment, and their most common missions are direct action assaults. They are often to used early in a war to secure airfields for regular US troops to land on (such as in Grenada and Afghanistan). Later, they are sent to "take the fight" to various high value targets and enemy installations.

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    Yeah..a land invasion..all 2000 of them that make up the entire 75th Ranger Regiment...

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    Land invasion... What are you on about.

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    Basically, they are pure raiders. Thats what they do best.

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