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I like to rub the corner of my pillowcases?

So, you know the stiff part of the pillow case? I like to fold it and make it stiffer and then rub it..WHY? I've been doing this since I was very very young.


Lol my friend pulls her eyebrows all the time...she says she's been doing this since she was a little girl

Update 2:

I meant eyelashes, not the eyebrows.

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    lol I rub something else in bed so its no biggie :)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    This is just a mechanism that you developed to self-soothe... A stress relieving mechanism, if you will. It may seem a bit odd, but many people develop habits to self-soothe. Examples are hair twirling, pulling eyebrows, I've even seen adult thumbsuckers. Don't worry about it. At least you have a release that doesn't include a gun.

  • Mr E
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    8 years ago


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