Why did he delete my friend request?? SHORT!! 10 PTS!!!!!!!?

There's this guy (15) I (14) have known for about three months, and I've only seen him two or three times, but every time for about an hour to an hour and a half. The first time I saw him, we both flirted, and then this last time I saw him I hugged him bye. After that, though, he acted a lot different. Once, I sat beside him and asked him to scoot to where there was a chair between us. He willingly did that. Also, this past time we saw each other, we didn't flirt as much as the first time. But, I sent him a friend request on FaceBook, and about three days later, it was gone, but I thought I had accidentally done it. So I resent it. Now, about two weeks later, I looked and it was gone so I am absolutely positive he has deleted it. Why would he do that? I like him, so what could I do?

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  • Lessy
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    8 years ago
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    He don't like u

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