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How to tell my parents about him?!?!?

I met this guy online about 3 months ago. He is 15 and I'm 14. He lives in the north and I live in the south of USA. We know what each other looks like and we also text EVERYDAY!! Lol we are really good friends and ik he is who he says he is. We are also going to skype tonite for the first time so that should be fun! But the thing is, is that my parents don't know about him.. Well they know about him but they think he goes to my school and they think he is my age. My mom has seen a pic of him though.. I'm just afraid of what they will think of me when I tell them about him. He tells me alot that I should tell them and he will tell his parents. So I need advise on how to tell them! But please don't say "Just tell them they will understand" or somethin. Like that lol sorry if I'm being picky! But please help thanks! :)

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    you really should tell them, they may not understand because they want to take care of you but telling them is the right thing, do it at a family dinner or when you're alone with your mother and if they don't approve just give it some time and try telling them again until they do approve.

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