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Do any of you without touchscreens use Windows 8? I ask so that we others know at whom to point and laugh?


Yurka, I find your response baffling. Are you claiming that I use windows 8? The only relevant shame I have is in having used Vista. If you want to point and laugh at me it should be in that regard.

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    I run Windows 8 on a desktop and don't have a touchscreen. Anyone who has actually used Windows 8 knows that it works fine with a keyboard and mouse. Even when I'm on the start screen I'm usually using the search feature which only requires the keyboard.

    Anywho, if someone on a desktop really wanted touch they could pick up one of these LeapMotion things when they're released next month. I'm told they work with Windows 8 right out of the box.


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    Windows 8 and touch screens lol i am with you on that one.

    I use windows 7 would never use windows 8 and would never own a Touch screen either .

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    You mean you want to point at yourself and laugh? For purchasing a f***ed up OS? Maybe one day we can all turn back, and just laugh at this.

    Source(s): Except I'm going to do it now. And you're going to watch.
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