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Why do i get sick in the rain?

Today I was walking to school in the rain from my bus stop (5mins difference) and i didn't have an umbrella. When I got in my throat started to get irritated, as the day progressed it just got worse and worse. This always happens to me when I walk in the rain without an umbrella. Why?

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    During the cold and rainy months it seems as though people get sick because its cold or because they got wet.

    In reality, the major reason people get sick more often during the winter season is because they are indoors with more people with the windows and doors closed.

    Germs (bacteria and viruses are around us all the time, but you enclose more people in closed rooms and buildings for months and the germs have more opportunity to spread).

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    rain can cause a common cold which could lead to fever, sore throat, headache etc. Just a reminder, brings and umbrella with you when go out.

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    No, you actually got cold few days ago. You cannot become sick in few in minutes, not even in few hours. If you get cold, you feel its weakness or pain after a day at least.

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