What does it mean to have an orgasm during sex?

Please, no rude comments :\ But I've had sex plenty of times with more than one guy (NOT ALOT THOUGH!) But I've never had an orgasm before. Lol... until today. My boyfriend is the first person to ever make me orgasm. Its not like he's BIGGER or better than my other bfs, and we've had sex before but TODAY was my first time... LOL dont laugh but does this mean he's the one? Please dont make fun of me.

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  • 8 years ago
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    No, it doesn't mean he is "the one". What it means is that he knew how to pleasure you. Every girl is different in what turns them on or makes them orgasm. Not all guys take the time or even know how to please every girl. What everyone needs to understand is that sex is not love. Having an orgasm doesn't mean you're in love.

    For future reference, if you want to *** more, tell him what you like. If something he's doing feels good, moan, or tell him you like it. Good sex requires communication.

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    8 years ago

    Pay attention to the first answer ignore the second!!!

    Not at all, maybe you just felt more comfortable this time, or were more aroused than usually, girls don't always have orgasms cos guys rush in and we get what we want and were sorted, we never take the time to get you girls stimulated enough...

    So no, it was just really good sex, this time hahahahaha hope you enjoyed it :)

    Source(s): That's why they call it Ex...perience but in your case Sex...perience loooool
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    8 years ago

    Dear Aaliyah,

    There is nothing to laugh about this very beautiful experience of yours. However, this does not mean that “he is the one”. It just means that he definitely did the right things to make you finally have one. There can be some other reasons for it also, but I can only explain in detail, if you write to me directly on my email address.

    Email : ask.me630@yahoo.com

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    Someone pass me the vomit tube!

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    Not nececarily.......

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